Mega Cricket Does Your Body Good

Updated: May 4, 2021

Mega Cricket is a great place to get a good workout, fine tune your motor skills, train your strategic thinking and test your imagination!

As anyone who's ever played can tell you, sprinting back and forth between the wickets is a great cardio workout! And when you and your batting partner are out in the middle for four straight overs, hitting and running, that means you're going to be burning a lot of calories!

But Mega Cricket isn't just about crazy wind sprints. Batting is a great test of hand-eye coordination as you track a bouncing ball down the pitch, trying to hold your swing until exactly the right moment, and then THWACK! There it goes, and off you go! You'll also be learning to think strategically as you assess the fielders' placements and decide what area has the best opportunity for scoring runs. And then your imagination goes to work! With no batters' boxes or restrictions, any shot you can dream up is in play. Run down the pitch and hit it? Sure! Go down on one knee to sweep it? Absolutely? Pop it over your own head so that the ball goes behind you? Go for it! You might even invent the next great cricket shot!

Mega Cricket does your body - and your mind - good!

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