Cricket, Just For The Fun Of It

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Designed so that everyone can enjoy cricket, especially those with no background in the game, Mega Cricket encourages participation above all else. Matches will be feature teams of six players, with the same pair batting together for four overs, regardless of the number of outs recorded. This way, players are ensured of a consistent amount of time at the crease, which makes the game more fun for all. Also, the fielding team adds five runs to their score with each out they make, cutting into the batting team's advantage.

We don't use bails, so the only way to get a run out is to "blow up" the stumps! (And who doesn't love flying stumps?)

Also, we don't care if the bowler is throwing! Overarm, sidearm, underarm - it's all good, as long as the ball bounces at least once, but not more than twice, before it reaches the popping crease.

Otherwise it's a no-ball and a free run for the batting team. And no LBW's here! A ball hitting the batter's body is just a wasted chance to put up a big score.

Mega Cricket gets rid of the annoying parts of cricket and leaves in just the fun stuff. It's a game for children, it's a game for adults, it's a game for fans everywhere.

Mega Cricket is Mega Fun!

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