Mega Cricket vs. Baseball

Updated: May 5, 2021

Cricket and baseball are both bat-and-ball sports where runners move between stations. Both evolved from medieval folk games, and both have become modern, highly commercialized industries. So how do they differ?

Well, for starters, baseball is played inside a 90° arc, whereas cricket is played inside a 360° oval, so there's no foul ground in cricket - everything's in play.

In baseball, there are four bases; in cricket there are two wickets.

In baseball, batters get a handful of pitches and, of course, three strikes and... "yer out!" In cricket, there are no balls and strikes, and no one strikes out.

In baseball, when you hit it you have to run. In cricket, you only run if you think you can make it without getting out. Otherwise, just wait for the next ball!

In baseball, teams switch after three outs. In cricket, teams only switch once, after everyone has batted.

In baseball, batters are trapped inside a batter's box, and are called out if they step outside it. In cricket, the batter is free to move wherever they want to hit the ball. Imaginative swinging is encouraged!

In baseball, the ball bouncing outside the boundary gets you to second base. In cricket, it gives you four runs. In baseball, the ball clearing the boundary in the air scores one run; in cricket it's worth six!

In baseball, the most runs one player can score in a game is four or five. In cricket, a batter might score twenty, thirty or even more runs!

In baseball, the defense can stop scoring, but cannot score for themselves. In Mega Cricket, the defense gets five runs every time they get someone out, so neither team is ever out of the game!

In baseball, the final score might be 3-2, or 6-3. In cricket, it's more likely to be 100-75! Lots of scoring, lots of action!

So you see, while the two sports are close cousins, they have lots of important differences, too!

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