Mega Cricket Has It All!

Updated: May 4, 2021

Some sports are for individuals, some sports are for partners, and some sports are for teams. Mega Cricket is all three!

When you're batting, it's you against the bowler. The fielding team moves its players around to try to keep you from scoring, and the bowler throws the ball hoping to get you out. You're up there all by yourself, trying to beat the bowler and outsmart the fielders. Will you get a run, or maybe four runs, or even six? Or will you get stopped from scoring, or, worse yet, make an out? And, then next ball, you're at it all over again!

But you're not entirely alone. You work in tandem with your batting partner, with whom you communicate to decide when to try for another run, and when to stay put. Make the wrong call and one of you get run out! But if you play it too safe, then the scoring dries up and your chances of winning go down. Every ball brings new opportunities and new perils!

And of course, when it's your turn in the field, you'll be the one working with your teammates to keep the scoring down! You'll have wickets to cover, relays to line up and great plays to make, all in coordination with the other defensive players.

So with Mega Cricket, you're sometimes the lone batter, sometimes running in a partnership, and sometimes working with your teammates in the field.

Mega Cricket has it all!

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