Why Mega Cricket? What's wrong with "proper" cricket?

Nothing at all! But for most Americans, the learning curve for playing cricket is far too steep. Rather than limiting cricket to novices willing to spend years acquiring the skills needed to enjoy the game, Mega Cricket allows for instant mass participation. And, we think, instant fan creation.

Are the rules for Mega Cricket set in stone?

Absolutely not. The only defining characteristic of Mega Cricket is the Mega Ball. Other than that, feel free to experiment with your own rule variations.

Why are Mega Balls shipped uninflated?

Often times our shipments must travel in unpressurized air cargo holds. Items that are inflated will rupture under these conditions, and research tells us that ruptured Mega Balls lead to an unsatisfying Mega Cricket experience.

What if I don't have a cricket pitch available?

Mega Cricket was born of the spirit of improvisation, so improvise! Use a paved walkway, a basketball court, or even an open field. Because of the forgiving nature of the Mega Ball, you can play Mega Cricket almost anywhere.

What are your payment options?

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What if my child falls in love with cricket and then wants to try the more difficult version?

That would be great! Just let us know where you're located and we'll help you to find a cricket club.

What size bat should I get?

While nothing is universal to everyone, we generally recommend a size 4 bat for children in grades 1-4, a size 5 bat for children in grades 5-8, and a size 6 bat for everyone older than that.

How do I get Mega Cricket in my school or recreation council?

We love it! Email jamie@megacricket.org and let's make it happen!